Greenpeace Protests Tar Sands at World Energy Conference In Montreal

The Energy [R]evolution shows us how going beyond oil is possible. Today we took our message to world leaders at the World Energy Congress in Montreal. (Picture)

Syncrude Chairman in Vancouver Defends Tarsands

Syncrude Canada chairman Marcel Coutu stood before a business-friendly Vancouver lunch crowd and fired a salvo in defence of the Alberta tarsands giant's environmental record.

"A lot of you may not have heard about us until the last five years." Coutu told a Vancouver Board of Trade meeting Thursday. "There's been a lot said in the press, a lot of it not very flattering, and that's the reason why we've had to take up the communication task of countering some of those exaggerations."

Coutu, who also is president and CEO of Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., took pains to point to the environmental improvements tarsands companies have made over recent years.... Read more »

Government Fiction Vs. Tar Sand Facts

This PDF document provides quotes which show misinformation and blatant government deceit around tar sands issues, such as the following quote:

“My scientists are telling me that the amount of compounds that can be detected in the Athabasca River at this point in time are not a concern and are of insignificant levels...The fact remains that there are naturally occurring substances in the water. And if we had never set foot in the region those kinds of results would still be there.”
– Rob Renner

Download the PDF here to read the misinformationa and the truth side by side.

Thanks to Greenpeace and all the quote providers for putting this together.

The Week In Review

A Time For Ethics

With Alberta Environment taking well over two years to charge Suncor for the storm water runoff incident, it reveals a half-hearted approach and bias by the Albertan government to conceal how the interests of tar sands corporations trump the need for action in the public interest.

The Albertan government needs to show accountability and transparency to the public in their actions by supporting independent monitoring of tar sands operations and tailing ponds, and rescind the policy that allows companies to police themselves.... Read more »

Alberta charges Suncor for waste-water violations

CALGARY -- The government of the Canadian province of Alberta said Thursday it has laid nine charges against Suncor Energy Inc, alleging the company failed to properly manage storm water runoff at a construction site in northern Alberta’s oil sands in May 2008.

Alberta said in a release that the company did not follow a water-management plan after storm water, a mix of water and dirt from the Voyageur upgrader construction site flowed into the Athabasca River.

Suncor, which could not be immediately reached for comment, is also alleged to have provided misleading information to Alberta’s environment department about the runoff.

The charges will be heard in a Fort McMurray, Alberta, court on Nov. 3. They carry a total maximum fine of $500,000.

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