Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Oh My Darling(ton)!


By Jeff Alan


The “hey federal government, we have environmental concerns” portion of the Darlington nuclear plant discussion is over. The project has been, of course, deemed perfectly safe as long as the considerations are considered. If you would like to read all 67 Joint Review Panel recommendations and the feds' responses, put on your reading glasses and mosey on over to this website:

Wonder if they put in any suggestions for stronger protection against confused workers filling the wrong tank again...1... Read more »

Letter to the Editor, Re: Blowing in the wind

Dear Editor:

Adam Randell's article "Blowing in the wind," The Packet, May 3, 2012 offers some insight into how green sustainable energy production could look in the future. Todd Shirran's initiative to build and operate a wind turbine deserves praise as a true, local initiative, green project.

Similarly efforts by the town of Bonavista to renew efforts to establish a wind farm on Burnt Ridge should be encouraged and promoted. What is required to make these projects financially successful is something known as Feed-in Tariff legislation. This enabling legislation, now in place in Ontario and Nova Scotia, permits governments to set rates for electricity production from renewable energy sources and requires utility operators to purchase the excess electricity at those rates which afford the producers a modest profit.
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'Money Laundering' claim irks green groups

MONTREAL - Environmental groups in Quebec and across Canada are accusing the federal government of engaging in a kind of McCarthyism, painting environmentalists as terrorists and criminals in a bid to discredit and silence critics.

“This is a sustained campaign,” said Steven Guilbeault of the Montreal-based environmental organization Équiterre. “They have been talking about it since January; comparing environmental groups to terrorists, radicals, and money launderers. If I had more money, I would take the minister to court for defamation.”

Guilbeault was responding to various statements by Conservative politicians, including Environment Minister Peter Kent’s recent comments on CBC accusing unnamed environmental organizations of money laundering.

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ABCs of subsidies

The Ontario Green Energy Act was passed only three years ago. In that short period, thousands of jobs have been created and hundreds of megawatts of capacity built. In that time, a nuclear power plant would have been nothing more than a big hole in the ground with seven more years of construction before it.

I fail to understand why subsidies for nuclear power topping $60-billion and rising are good and paying a premium for green power is bad.

Sierra Club Canada

Peace Out, playing at Toronto's Hot Docs festival!

Peace Out, the award winning documentary hailed by critics as “… not just another environmental movie…”, “a thoughtful, clear-eyed exploration of an issue that always ends in costs, trade-offs, and least-bad options”  and “a generously inquisitive film, made with an open mind and a fierce sense of commitment”  is coming to Toronto’s Hot Docs Film Festival next week.
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