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2014-04-16  |  Webmaster

By John Bennett

There were four events of note this week--well five, actually. The first two demonstrate the dissonance between the Government of Canada and the rest of the world.

Early Sunday morning the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group on Mitigation released its latest report, and on Monday the National Energy Board (NEB) posted a list of issues it will ‘consider’ before approving the proposed “Energy East” pipeline. While the IPCC warned humanity drastic changes are needed now, or else ("The high-speed mitigation train would need to leave the station soon and all of global society have to get on board,"...

2014-04-15  |  Kristina Jackson

From our friends at Ontario Clean Air Alliance:

On April 8th, the Thunder Bay Generating Station burned its last lump of coal marking the end of an era in Ontario. Thunder Bay was the last of the province’s five dirty coal-fired generating stations to close. Nanticoke, formerly the largest coal-fired power plant in North America,  was closed in December 2013, following on the heels of the closure of the Lambton Generating Station in October 2013, the conversion of the Atikokan station to biomass, which began in 2012, and the closure of Lakeview Generating Station in 2005.

Now with this final puff from Thunder Bay, Ontario has successfully eliminated the province’s single biggest source of smog, toxins, acid rain and greenhouse gases. This is no less a victory for people in Northern Ontario than it is for residents of the...

2014-03-28  |  Mary Muter

By Mary Muter,

Chair, Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Canada Foundation


The US Army Corps of Engineers recently released a report on options to prevent the very invasive Asian Carp from getting into not just the Great Lakes but also into all waterways and lakes connected to the Great Lakes.

To find out if you want these fish in our lakes and rivers watch this video

The US Army Corps of Engineers were in Toronto yesterday to brief Canadian agencies and a few invited observers on the options to prevent these fish from getting into the Great Lakes at Chicago. I was at that meeting and I left with significant concern that not enough is...

2014-03-14  |  Kristina Jackson

Celebrate Earth Day at our One Sweet Day Event with the Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Artists, Local Vendors, Bee Keepers and more for a day of Celebration of Honey Bees!!  

The event will be held on Saturday April 19th from 10:30am – 4pm at Sorauren Park in Roncesvalles neighbourhood, Toronto.

A great day to celebrate Spring and honey with the family.  There will be music, games, educational workshops, face painting, a silent auction and more.   

Check out the event on our Facebook page and invite your friends too! 

Pre-order a rain barrel and pick it up at the...

2014-02-28  |  Guest

By: Thaia Jones

Speech to be given at the Greenbelt Celebration on February 28th at Mississauga's Celebration Square: 

Happy 9th Birthday Greenbelt!  I’m Thaia Jones of Sierra Club of Peel.  I’m excited to be here even though I don’t have any skates.    Why, you might ask, am I so excited to celebrate down here in Mississauga, when the Greenbelt is way up there in north Caledon and beyond? 

Well, I’m excited because we have a very special relationship with that Greenbelt.  Mississauga and the Greenbelt balance each other out.  We’re like 2 sides of a coin, ying and yang, stop and go.  We need each other and we work well together.  How so, you might ask?

Twenty-eight years ago when I moved here, parts of Mississauga still looked a lot like Greenbelt.  Half of my block was still a...

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